Friday, May 9, 2014

LIST IT!....5 things I CAN live without and 5 I CAN'T live without

What I CAN live without?

  1. TV I turn my TV off during the summer and I don't even really miss it. Confession I still hit up Music Man's house about once a week to finish the winter seasons of shows that I'm hopelessly addicted to: The Following, Nashville and Big Bang Theory.
  2. MILK - I'm not sure how I do this and I don't want to do it forever, but I've impressed even myself that I was able to stop drinking milk in order to work towards my weight loss goals. Someday soon, this one is going to make it's way back to the CAN'T live without list.
  3. INTERNET - Sure it makes me a terrible blogger, but I've kept so busy I haven't really noticed that I don't have internet at readers however are a different story. And of course I have internet at its not like I quit cold turkey.
  4. BLUE-RAY - I don't even really know what is so great about it (or what it is), although everyone tells me I just need it. Case in point, someone brings over a RedBox in blue-ray....I can't even play it at my house; however, if you have a VHS, bring it on over....I got that handled!
  5. DIGGING DOGS - My new neighbor's dog likes to dig....under my fence and into my yard. That just won't do if I'm going to spend some hard earned cash to landscape my back yard. I'm gonna go back to my roots and get him  with a pellet gun and/or electric fence. I think he can be trained.
What I CAN'T live without?
  1. MY FITNESS PAL - It helps me stay on track with my eating, something I still struggle with nearly everyday and summer makes it so much worse. Beers and burgers are calling my name.
  2. OVERSIZED ICE PACKS - I love, love, love this oversized ice pack. I discovered them at physical therapy and then ordered one of my own. A little pricy and worth every penny.
  3. IPOD - I find myself listening to my Ipod all the out...hanging out at the the car. 
  4. FACEBOOK FITNESS GROUP - This is a group of girls spread all over the place and mentored by Farm Girl Fitness, my Beachbody coach. They hold me accountable, keep me motivated and are so supportive. I really look forward to logging on each day to see what they accomplished, what they struggled with and share my accomplishments and struggles. It really is easier when you have people in your corner.
  5. AMAZON - I'd be a rich woman if this website didn't exist. I'm pretty sure that if I can't find it on Amazon, it doesn't exist!

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