Wednesday, May 14, 2014

so you think you wanna be me?

One of my fellow bloggers, Prairie Princess, told us all about her day and I thought....hummmm I wonder if people want to know what I do in a day? After all, I lead a glamorous life.

500 AM: Hit snooze, have an internal debate of if I should actually get out of bed or not.
515 AM: Drag myself out of bed and push play on my Chalean Extreme DVD. At this time I am cussing through blurry eyes....after 35 to 45 minutes, I'm so glad I got out of bed.
600 AM: Turn on the Ipod, climb in the shower. Spend too long in there, which is still shorter than 95% of Americans who shower. Let the dog out, make the bullet, get dressed and out the door.
730 AM: Get to work, catch up on blogs, check emails and drink bullet and coffee. Who knows what I'll actually accomplish at work each day, it seems that the tasks that get crossed off the list are never the same list that I would like to accomplish that day. Some fires just burn hotter than others.
400 PM: Hit up phyisical therapy complete with amazingly large ice packs.
530 PM: Go for a bike ride or a run with Tylie
700 PM: Get home and get something for dinner, hopefully its healthy!
800 PM: Read (hopefully soon, I'll be blogging if I ever get around to getting my internet hooked up), sometimes I get crazy and do laundry, clean house or try to put moving boxes in a logical spot.
1000 PM: Yeah, I'm old I go to bed early.

You don't really want to be me anymore do you?!

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  1. 5:00 AM........ $*%&#)@*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not on a regular basis. However I rarely am able to get to bed by 10:00 PM either... That would/could/possibly make a little difference, but not by much. :D