Friday, December 13, 2013

Check is in the mail

First off, a huge thank you to all who participated in our 2013 Virtual Turkey Trot. Football Fan and I promised a donation to the Salvation Army if we had participants in at least 10 states.....and you guys delivered, and we will too!

To read all about (and look at pictures) from everyone's run click here, and here, and here.

Like Football Fan I had a couple fashionably late reporters, but we like 'em so we count 'em.

California - I will say I'm jealous of California Girl. She got to run in 75 degree weather. She knows she has it good so she ran a few 5Ks over the weekend. She's got a cute little husky pack that runs with her. She runs to be healthy and beat stress. She runs for those who are unable to run. California Girl is so thankful that she is able to run!

And on other end of the world Alaska - Alaskan Mom completed her 5K on the elliptical because it was a whopping -5 degrees in Alaska. Her son Tate also wanted to participate. I made the executive decision that playing 5 hockey games in one day counted for at least a 5K. Thank you for staying active even in the negative degrees!

And with the awesome participation from all over the U.S., my check is in the mail (really I just used my credit card online but that isn't as fun to say) to the Salvation Army, which is one of my favorite charities. 96% of donations go to the cause, while the Commissioner of the 2 billion dollar organization receives a salary of $13,000 + housing. Kudos to Salvation Army for truly being dedicated to helping others.

Not my real check, so don't try breaking into my bank account! :)


  1. What a great turnout! We always try to donate locally to fundraisers, because it's so hard to find "non-profits" that use most of the money donated to go towards the actual cause. It's great that Salvation Army uses that much to support the people who really need it!

  2. Man alive...we did good!! I am proud of us! I'm going to drop my check in the bucket somewhere here in College Station this week....I thought it would be fun to make the night of the little people ringing the bell!