Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ask a herder #1

I am in awe of range sheep operations here. I just love them and I always have so many questions that I'm sure that my guys hate love taking me with them because I probably ask stupid questions, but they humor me and answer without laughing at me too much.

Q: How many times are your sheep ran through "corrals" in a year?
A: 6; shearing, docking, mouthing, before they go up to the forest for summer, coming off the forest and when we take the bucks out.

Q: How do you protect your sheep against predators?
A: We use herders and guard dogs.

Great Pyrenees - Guard Dog

Q: Are your dogs aggressive towards people, like people they don't know, like me!?
A: Ours aren't, but some people have more aggressive guard dogs.

Q: How often do herders get groceries delivered? Do they get to pick what they want to eat? Do they change it up?
A: Groceries are delivered every 2 weeks, herders make their own list and anything goes as long as they don't eat better than I do. They usually don't change it up too much, grocery lists are very similar among weeks as well as camps.

Q: Where are your herders from?
A: Peru

Refuge on a bitter cold winter day, it was nice and cozy inside though

 Who else has some questions that they would like answered? Let me know and I'll do my best to find out the dirt for you!


  1. I love this series already! So interesting! Tell them they have a fan in this sheep girl from NM!

  2. I always love learning about different ag operations than wheat and cattle. There's always something new to learn!