Monday, December 2, 2013

[Link up] 2013 Turkey Trot

Its time to tell us all about your 5K Turkey Trot! Grab the button below and link up with Football Fan over at Figuring Out The Plot and here with me at Almost Gypsy Soul. Then visit the other link up and see how we celebrated Thanksgiving across the country! Don't forget, if we have link-ups from at least 10 states, both Football Fan and myself will be making generous donations to either the Salvation Army!

Almost Gypsy Soul

Wyoming - My Turkey Trot included a pack so I guess I'll go ahead and take credit for a 20K, although I think the small one might have ran more than a 5K, she went crazy running all over. Which is kinda scary because she is so small even with the drought stricken sagebrush....she can't be seen! Because I haven't been running, I looked for a flat place to run. I've come to the conclusion that there is not one that exists in this county and I'll be honest there was some walking in my turkey trot, but we got in just under 4 miles and made plenty of room for an awesome dinner! And I'm so thankful it was above 20 degrees by the time I rounded up my pack for a run.

Wyoming - FSA Dee, who ran her Turkey Trot in Star Valley didn't fare so well. She completed her 5K early in the morning (probably because she has 2 of the most adorable little girls ever) and when she remembered to take a picture, her phone had died because of the cold. Guys.....she ran her 5K in a high of 10 degrees! I think she might get the 'Cold Turkey' Award!

Wyoming - Music Man and Tig knocked out their 3 miles on Sunday morning. The weather report wasn't very good and I'll vouch for the awful 40 mph winds that were blowing when I made it home from Utah. Way to be dedicated!

Arkansas - Micca got in her 3 miles in Arkansas and it looks like she had some great scenery on her run. Plus I really like the screen shot of her run....why didn't I think of that?

Did you get in your Turkey Trot before chowing down on some Thanksgiving Turkey? Link up and tell us about it! Thank you everyone who participated!

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