Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When i lived in tennessee

I did that, I packed all my stuff in a Uhaul and I moved to Tennessee with the dog riding co-pilot. I'd never been east of the Mississippi, but it ain't bad over there. I loved my job, met some great people and got to see some pretty cool people and places along the way.

Hands down my favorite tourist attraction? Jack Daniels Distillery, located in a dry county it boasts somewhere around a million barrels of whiskey. Served lemonade after the tour, I call it a family friendly stop. After all, its a dry county and the distillery gift shop is the only place you can even purchase the whiskey. Where in the world are all my pictures of the JD Distillery?

Adventure to the Lost Sea was interesting, its an underground lake, complete with a glass bottom boat. Not something I'd go out of my way to see again, but if you have an open day, its not too bad.

And I love, love, love Nashville Palace. There are so many bars around Nashville and they all have good music, but Nashville Palace is one of my favorites! Its big and consequently not too crowded. They have awesome house artists and bring in some big names too!

only fitting that it hosted my going away party

LOVE me some Trent Willmon, plus he told me I'm beautiful...bonus
Another must do is taking a float down the Cumberland River aboard the General Jackson. You can just cruise, you can eat lunch or dinner. As with all things Nashville, there is a great boat band that you can dance, sing and tap your foot to.

enjoying a cruise on the Cumberland River
And with that I think I'd better save some of my other hot spots for another post!

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  1. I love Tennessee! I'm not sure that I could really live there, but it is a wonderful vacation spot!