Friday, March 7, 2014


I really struggled when I turned 30, 31...well I'm not sure I actually feel any older, but either way it wasn't as hard as 30 was.

My birthday was pretty low key. My roommates (ColoradoTransplantFriend, her hubby, Little Boy and Miller Baby) made me a birthday cake, but since the weather folks were calling for a polar vortex and an awful storm they left for UT early, leaving me with the whole cake. For the record, its delicious AND there is still some left so I think I deserve a piece of cake a pat on the back.

I went to UT on my birthday for a day of shopping and a stop by the Leonardo where the traveling exhibit The Dead Sea Scrolls is. I decided I'd better take Tylie with me just in case this polar vortex thing actually materialized and I got stuck in Salt Lake.

Tylie was nice enough to buy me some new bike shoes, which 'The Mountain Bikers' have convinced me that I need....for spin.....and for when I start real mountain biking. Which I plan to give a try to this spring. I'm already nervous for spin class to try out these new shoes. I have an unfounded fear of getting stuck in my bike pedals or possibly falling over the handle know strange things like that. There they are the beauties that might just take my life.

The Dead Sea Scrolls was pretty neat! Although I will admit that I found the murals and the pottery slightly more interesting than the actual scrolls. The scrolls were much more tiny that I'd imagined, but interesting none-the-less. Can you imagine being the goat herder who is responsible for uncovering the first several about 15 minutes of fame, right? And I know I'm addicted to pottery because I absolutely loved the colorful mosaics of the time. Although I didn't really know that much about the history of  The Dead Sea Scrolls, it was extremely interesting.

Of course these photos are all courtesy of the web because photography isn't allowed because the scrolls and artifacts are so sensitive to light. Even the exhibit is only allowed to have the special light on the scrolls for a specific amount of time per day in order to preserve them for future generations.

All in all, it was a good birthday and I didn't get stuck in Salt Lake in a polar vortex. Here I come 31!

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