Monday, March 3, 2014

the barn by bryan [March 2014]

This year is cruising by, before we know it, we will be replacing the snowboards for wake boards, snow skis for water skis and ski poles for fishing poles. The fishing is heating up with the ice coming off the lakes and rivers. You can almost smell spring in the air, love it!
Anyway, I thought, that since I started a “theme” type playlist, I’ll continue with it this month. This month’s theme is “Small Town”. Everybody that grew up in a small town can appreciate the lyrics to these songs, everybody else, well… you might get the gist. So, here they are!

Small Town Kid, Eli Young Band
Small Town USA, Justin Moore
Small Town, Saturday Night, Hal Ketchum
Someday, Steve Earle
Small Town, Big Time, Blake Shelton

Oh, and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!  Thank you!

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  1. All good songs. Love them. Yay for March!