Monday, March 24, 2014

5 x 3 = 15

Football Fan and I have been discussing how blogs aren't flowing out of us right now. I struggling, I mean really struggling to write lately. Not enough that I think my blog is over, but enough that I feel like a terrible blogger....I mean who runs out of things to say after only 1 year???????

She posted her 5 10 pictures, 3 words last week on an idea prompt from Collage Roomie, so this week I'll go ahead and copy that idea (except I'm going to follow the rules and only do 5)!

There is God

 my best friends

dinner is caught

new & old friends

living in the west

These are some of my favorite life pictures from 2013. I could have easily picked 10, like Football Fan. Coming up with only 3 words to describe these was tough!


  1. Love it!! My favorite is "There is God." Perfect caption. My second favorite is the ski trip picture. Which, by the way, I sent a framed copy of to Kyle last week, so we're now proudly displayed in his house. Cheers to next year! :)

  2. "There is God," gave me goosebumps. Love it. And the Dinner is Caught one is classic. I love that photo every time I see it.

    Well done!!