Friday, October 23, 2015

i re-enlisted

I admire those who can work in professions where they are charged with saving lives every single day because they can't save every single life, every single day. Its something I'm just not sure I'd be able to handle well enough to call it my profession. But, to save a life. wow, what an awesome opportunity. Even if we are not called to be take on saving lives every single day, we can be called to save a life someday....which is why I re-upped my commitment to the Be a Match Registry.

Its free, donors never pay and you could save someone's life. Easy, go to the website, browse around and see what good you could do if call upon as a match and signup. They send you emails each year to renew your commitment. easy peasy.

I was first called to join the registry when Assistant Pack Leader was in the situation of needing a possible donor. The doctors were able to use her own bone marrow, so she didn't have to find a matching donor, but not everyone is that lucky. I've been a member of the registry ever since I found out that she may need a donor. Although that one hit close to home and I would have been happy to be able to donate for her, I'd be happy to donate to anyone.....because everyone in need of a Match is a hit close to someone's home.

Who could you be a Match for? Who could you save? You'll never know if you don't sign up!

Join Today!

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