Thursday, January 22, 2015

you know you are a big kid when......[12 days of summer edition 11]

the highlight of your summer is getting a new sprinkler system, a deck, central air and some grass planted so there aren't puppy paw prints all over this house in the fall. And so any headway that I made on that ole' savings goal I set a while back....well it can be viewed in my backyard from a cool house and probably doesn't really count as a checkmark.

Work got in the way of my summer in a big way this year. I did manage (with lots of help and cash outlays) to get the sprinkler system, air conditioner and a deck installed. Up for next summer is planting grass and finishing the steps for the deck (assuming that I don't get them done this fall)....which I didn't.

Even without the stairs, I'm sure enjoying the new deck and I've got a plan for completing the backyard this summer! Stay tuned for final, final pictures!

1 comment:

  1. Love that deck!! I bet it's just perfect in the summers.