Monday, January 5, 2015

minute to win it

NASCOE is our employees association that I have recently became more involved with. WYASCOE is our state chapter of this national organization, and yours truly was tricked into becoming the president of WYASCOE this year. The actual tricking took place 2 years ago when they talked me into running for vice-president.

FSA, my place of work, has been under severe budget constraints and cut backs over the last 5 or so years and any face-to-face training has been replaced by corny online presentations that are useless. BUT with 2014 Farm Bill and its many new programs, USDA managed to find some money to hold face-to-face trainings on the new programs.

WYASCOE is voluntary membership and we always try to host a fun event when employees from all corners of the state convene in Casper for training. It normally consists of a cash bar, snick-snacks, and sitting around talking about work.....well we decided it was high time for a change!

This year the night activity hosted by WYASCOE was Minute to Win It games.....complete with trophies and it was a hit!

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