Monday, October 3, 2016

the entertainment value of loading hay

Driving a loader is empowering, even if you suck at it. I mean it looks easy.....just run around the field and scoop up 2 big square bales at a time, the scoot on over to the semi and drop them off on the trailer....give 'em a little bump and off to the next set. And the end result can be seen in less than 20 minutes. I'm here to tell you, its not as easy as it looks and people who make it easy have loaded ALOT of hay to make it look that way.

Not everyone can load 12 bales on a 24 bale trailer all by themselves with help
I, on the other hand, look like a 2 year old trying to color inside the lines when loading hay. I call success fitting 12 bales on a 24 bale trailer in no less than 1 hour. In my defense, I could have fit more on the trailer, but there was only 12 left in the field by the time I got turned loose with the loader. I think it might help if I could remember which lever went which direction, but whatever. Gypsy Friend was super patient, but I think my loader driving skills have a certain amount of entertainment value too. No shame here, its my story and I rocked it!

Ready for delivery?
We rounded out the weekend checking cows...I think I'm a better cow checking co-pilot than I am hay loader. I brought snacks!

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