Tuesday, October 4, 2016

the barn by bryan [october 2016]

The current state of country music is in a state of (how shall I put this), let’s just say it’s more disappointing than not. Don’t get me wrong I listen to it and there is some good tunes coming out, but the majority is more pop than country.

So, this month I’d like to remind everyone what country music was, through the decades, with what I like to call, The Defining Sound on the Decade.

We’ll start with the 50’s and 60’s: this is when people were introduced to Rockabilly. When country music was being melded with rock and roll and one of the most influential singers of the time, Johnny Cash and his breakthrough hit Folsom Prison Blues.

In the 1970’s, came the iconic sound of “The Outlaws”, and outlaw country was born. The most notable outlaw of all was Waylon Jennings and with the help of Willie Nelson, they put together some of the best collaborations I think of. A favorite of mine, Luckenbach, TX.

The 1980’s was the decade that brought us “Honky Tonk” and set the scene for a young man from Texas to become “The King of Country”, George Strait, and a string of number one hits that spanned 4 decades, it all started with his first, Fool Hearted Memory.

The 1990’s. In 1989, a fella from Tulsa, OK, changed the sound of country music again. With his sound and crazy concerts, “Modern Country” was born. Garth Brooks, was/is a worldwide sensation and it all started with his hit Much Too Young

The 2000’s country music was looking for its identity. Meanwhile, a new culture was brewing and going strong in OK and TX, they call it “Red Dirt” and sometime in the 2000’s it went nationwide and changed country music again. I know that our host in a fan of Randy Rogers Band and one of my favorites from them is Better Than I Ought To Be.


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