Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I was driving home from Green River from the Thursday bike ride with my heat blaring on high fan and 80 degrees because I was so cold when I started thinking about what I've been loving lately. Since I couldn't find What I've Been Loving Wednesday link, I just thought I'd tell you what I'm loving Currently........

1. Sirius XM radio ~ Specifically the Garth Channel and Prime Country channel. Wowzers! the 90s sure knew how to do country music. I could drive all day.

2. Shredly Mountain Bike Shorts ~ They are expensive and comfortable and I scored them on sale and I'm hooked. I super crashed because of some shorts that were too big that got caught on my seat while trying to keep up with the boys, so the fact that they fit...count me in!

3. If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) dieting ~ Not having to eat chicken and egg whites for every meal everyday has made getting back on the wagon so much easier! Its amazing how when I watch what I eat, the weight I've gained starts to fall back off and the fact that I can eat cookies occasionally makes me a happy girl!

4. Fall ~ Its here, I love, love, love fall! I love the cool nights and warm days. I love sweaters and changing leaves. I love working cows and mid-day bike rides. I love fall work at my POW, I get to see my ranchers and catch up with them.

5. Anticipation of ski season ~ As much as I love fall, I was cleaning out the garage the other day and my new-to-me skis were staring me back in the face. I'm ready to hit the slopes!

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