Tuesday, September 8, 2015

all memorable activities should get a t-shirt

When we planned our girls wine weekend, it only seemed right that we have matching shirts. So I designed some....that were a hit and even got me orders that had to be sent back down to Palisade. Like any good t-shirt there was a map of our route on the back and a fun reminder of what we hoped to accomplish on our trip. Check 'em out!

Last  year at our Golf Bonanza...which has now been re-named. I decided that we really did need shirts commemorating the annual event. I wanted to put the golf course on the back, but had a terrible time finding a picture suitable for screen printing. But my dream came to life this year when Assistant Pack Leader was able to doctor the photo from the scorecard to make it useable. So this year I present to you.....Annual Shank-o-potamus all day golf shirts.

I really see a bright future for me in t-shirt designs! Place your order now before my designs become a hot commodity!

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  1. You are right.....every event is better with a t-shirt!