Friday, August 7, 2015

when the topic fountain runs dry, copy someone else

Its no secret that I've felt like I have nothing to say lately. I've caught grief from a few of my loyal readers, but it still hasn't dropped a list of topics on my plate. So with no shame what-so-ever, I've copied this list idea from Erin over at Love, Fun and Football. Thank you Erin!


Reading: Power Thoughts Devo....winning the battle of the mind one day at a time & opening up to page one of Threads West. Not yet sure what its about...but its been compared to Lonesome Dove and said to be the Gone With the Wind of the West.....we shall see.

Playing: Ipod shuffle....over and over again. I really need to put some new tunes on that baby....probably before my 10K on Saturday!

Watching: Whatever is on my one TV channel that I get this summer. I "pause" my TV in the summer because why pay for something I don't really use? Lately its been Law & Order or Golden Girls.

Trying: To keep up with my schedule and still get work done. Bonnie informed me that I would be in the office for 9 days in August.....EEEEEKKKKKK! That stresses me out!

Cooking: as little as possible. I eat alot of egg sandwiches, when I get crazy I add Canadian bacon to them. I really need to get back to my menu planning!

Drinking: Huckleberry vodka from Grand Teton Distillery in Driggs, Idaho. I went there to buy "local" vodka for our Moscow Mule gift basket for a fundraiser scholarship auction and had to give it a try myself. I give it 5 starts with tonic!
Texting: Anyone who needed to talk to me this week. I was at Grand Targhee for Mountain Bike Camp and I had basically no service. Sometimes I could get texts to go through, sometimes not.

Pinning: Informational reads about my next big adventure.....can you guess where Military Friend and I are going?

Going: CRAZY if I dont' get my schedule under control soon! I think my next free weekend is sometime in September. Did I mention in the office 9 days in August? ouch.

Thinking: All the things I need to get done tomorrow at work. I've been out of the office this week and while I've staying in touch and worked a little bit remotely.....I always feel a bit lost when I return to the office.

Loving: Fall is coming! Although I'm super sad that summer is ending, fall is my all time favorite season....and its starting to feel like fall around here!

Hating: Haters. the end. is that the pot calling the kettle black? I'm going to go with no....can I go with no?

Enjoying: Mountain biking! I just got back from a super awesome skills camp. I spent 2 days with pro rider Amanda Carey and a group of women. I am so excited to improve my skills and be rad....and a badass! Rad is an official mountain biking word.....just so you don't think I'm too weird.

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  1. I'm very excited about this upcoming trip and will now be going to Pinterest to see if I can figure it out! :) I am like you about eating in the summer---if it was just me, I'd have cereal every night. Ty, however, seems to think we need actual meals for some reason.