Monday, August 24, 2015

Settle for a slowdown

Holy buckets! what the heck happened to summer? For the first weekend in as long as I can remember I stayed home. Granted I had to cancel plans to stay at home this weekend, it was fore sure that something that I really needed. And even though it was a great recharge, I feel a "no technology" weekend coming on.....soon!

Among all the relaxing I was supposed to do this week, I of course had a list of things to accomplish so what was my biggest side track....load new pictures on my digital photo frame, which didn't go well, but it was fun to look through all my old pictures.

So between work, walking Tylie, doing laundry, mountain biking, cleaning house, sighting in my gun and taking naps...these are my favorite 5 7 pictures from going through pictures to fill my digital photo frame, in no particular order of course.

This one if from just a few weeks ago. I love it because I am so happy with my progress and all the fun things that I am able to do now. This is taken above the Green River on the Wilkins Peak Trail System, trails that I would never have dreamed of being able to ride even just last year!

This picture is from the Frostbite 5K, this past February. Little Boy and Miller Baby and I rocked this 5K. Little Boy rode the whole thing on his Strider and even got a medal. I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

This picture is from when I was a coach at Stillwater High School while I was completing my Master's degree at OSU. These 2 coaches are lifelong friends and we had a blast coaching. I credit coaching with helping to keep my sanity so that I could finish writing my thesis.

I spent all my undergraduate summers at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch in Gunnison, Colorado. This was one of the best summers of wrangling that I had, although they were all really great. I mean getting paid to ride a horse and talk to people....does it get any better than that?

Amanda Carey Mountain Bike Camp, again was this year. I had so much fun learning new skills and riding with women. Amanda is an awesome rider, teacher and friend. I can't wait until next year to take Level 2 with her.

One of my all time favs from our trip to Europe in 2011. This was taken on top a mountain after a day of hiking and dining in Switzerland. We had a blast and Switzerland was one of my favorite stops.

They are my sisters and I love them.

It was refreshing to have a weekend at home, but I'm not sure it can be characterized as a slow weekend at all.

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    1. Excellent. I love these--looking back at old photos is the best!