Wednesday, August 26, 2015

online shopping is the worst thing in the world

and the best thing in the world. I've never lived someplace where I can "just go shopping" and that is ok with me. Actually its more than ok with me. I have a Wal-Mart now and I just despise the place. I usually choose spending more on groceries just for the opportunity to forego Wal-Mart, which I lovingly refer to as Hell.

Since I turned off my tv for the summer, I browse on the interweb alot more. And the other day browsing turned into buying. damnit. but I got some pretty cute things. Etsy and Amazon....pure evil I tell you!
Long Arrow Necklace

This is my first accidental purchase of last week. I've lately become obsessed with arrows and feathers and this is just so dang cute! $20 at MDspark's Etsy shop, I just couldn't pass it up!

Antique Bronze Leaf and Arrow Key Ring with Real Feathers and Turqouise Bead, Key Chain, Purse Decoration,Handbag Accessories

And then my feather AND arrow purchase. I bought Loretta back in February and we are still sporting the cheesy plastic tab key ring. I thought to myself I could make that...I'll just run to the craft store until I realized there was no way I could make this for under $15, which is what this cost me including shipping. Yep its on its way to Wyoming and to Loretta. If you don't remember Loretta....this is Loretta.

And last but not least......

Vintage Hand Woven Colorful Place Mats Set of 4 with Fringe

did you know you could negotiate price on Etsy? I've had my eye on these vintage hand woven placemats for a few months now. I figured since they hadn't sold yet, maybe the seller would take less for them, if not I have placemats that I'm not particularly fond of, but they are placemats so no harm, no foul. Turns out she was wanting to move some inventory and I got the entire set for $20 + shipping!

And so now if you need my credit card, it will be hanging on my fridge, in time-out.

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  1. I absolutley ADORE that necklace!! It's perfect! And wow, seriously, the ability to negotiate on Etsy prices is good to know!