Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pay it forward

If you remember back when I decided to join the Pay It Forward movement I got at least 5 comments and consequently 5 chances to pay it forward, to make someone's day with a surprise gift. So I've been working on this post for about over a year to share with you what I thought these people would most love getting in the mail from me!

#1 Fellow blogger and OSU alumni, Amy - If you guys don't know Amy you are missing a gem. Check out her blog and get to know her a little better! I followed accounts of her proposal, engagement and am looking forward to the accounts of her wedding day....both from her and Football Fan. She lost her dad in a car accident in 2011 and I know she might miss him a little extra on her way down the aisle. So for her pay it forward, I thought she might like a bouquet charm so that her dad could be with her on her wedding day. Congratulations on your wedding Amy, I wish you forever happiness!

#2 Fellow blogger and OSU alumni, Tiffany - Tiffany is the author of not 1, but 2 blogs! She is a huge advocate for agriculture and the good life in general. You can check out her personal blog here and her agriculture blog here. She semi recently took a job as an ag law professor with Texas A&M. I had this picture that I took one morning at sheep camp on my blog a couple different places. Each time she commented how much she loved it AND since she tooted my horn by asking to use it on her agriculture blog, I decided that she needed a copy for her own poster size. Hope you enjoy looking at a Wyoming sunrise over sheep camp!

#3 The contributor of music and co-worker, Bryan - Bryan is my co-worker even though he works for the "other guys" (NRCS). He is the one that is responsible for the music each month on Almost Gypsy Soul. He took some radio classes in college and was considering an online radio station, so I hired him before he could get that gig up and going. He is a die hard Wyoming fan, so its only fitting that he get a Wyo Pokes pay it forward gift.

#4 Eastern co-worker, Kimberly - Kimberly and I are the youngest WY FSA employees and are very similar. Even though we have never lived on the same side of the state we have become very good friends. When I first moved to WY, I lived on the eastern side, she lived in southwest Wyoming. A couple years later we flip-flopped. She is a true Wyoming girl, loves those Cowboys. For her gift I found this super cute ring made out of a Wyoming quarter. I knew it was perfect the minute I saw it!

#5 Alaskan Mom, Erin - Erin and I worked in the same FSA office in eastern Wyoming. I am in awe of her and her family for following their dreams all the way to Alaska. You can check out her blog and follow the Adventures of Our Alaskan Life. Erin semi-recently took a job just like mine...except in Alaska! Its no secret that with the roll-out of the 2014 Farm Bill and years of retroactive disaster programs the stress levels around USDA have been in high gear. She is rocking the job (especially being the only one in Alaska) and she deserves some beautiful flowers to remind her how awesome she is!

So I know it took me way longer than 1 year to complete my pay it forward challenge, but that is ok. I wanted to make sure it was something that would mean something to each person rather than just a checkmark on my list. I really hope that each and everyone on my list enjoys their gift. And remember you don't have to participate in a challenge to pay it forward!


  1. And i use them all the time, Thank You!!

  2. You seriously did amazing with this! I love how each one was personalized! And I'm glad you reminded me I need to get my print to the frame shop because I've got the perfect place for it in my new office!