Friday, February 20, 2015

she (I) looks good for 2 kids

and my first thought was "how about for 0 kids because these 2 call me I look good for 0 kids?"

These 2 and I spent Valentine's Day at the Crystal Classic in Green River, WY. We had a super busy day and its safe to say we were all worn out! The only difference is they got a nap, Aunt Jen did not. Miller Baby was asleep before we hit the Green River city limit sign and Little Boy made it about 7 miles.

The Crystal Classic is a winter festival centered around an ice sculpting competition. This year the weather was amazing for the festival goers....not so much for the competitors. It was 55 degrees! We need winter to return! The Crystal Classic has so many activities that are good for the big kids and little kids alike.

We started out the day with a little physical activity....the Frostbite 5K! I ran, pushing Miller Baby in the stroller while Little Boy rode his Strider bike. We did have to stop halfway for snack time, but we made the whole 3.1 miles in a little over an hour. I thought the kids did great and the title of this blog was born out of the race, Little Boy even took home a medal for making it the whole way!
Ready for our 3.1!

"I won the gold!"

After running/biking a 5K, we were starved so we hit up the Boy Scouts pancake breakfast before we took part in a Treasure Hunt, craft time and then took a stroll around to check out the ice sculptures. This one was our favorite! You can't see it, but there was a fire behind it so you could see flames! The T-Rex and Olaf from Frozen were also very popular.
The Flaming Guitar
After checking out the ice sculptures, we participated in the Ice Cube Hunt. Little Boy was a seasoned pro and completely filled his bag. Miller Baby did great until she looked up to see kids rushing towards her, then she hid behind me. Luckily, brother decided that he would share some of his prizes with her.

We had a great day, but I'm not sure how parents keep up with these youngins' day in and day out. I was exhausted!

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