Tuesday, February 17, 2015

there are no out of state plates [edition1]

I took the vacation of a lifetime this year! It all started with an extremely stressful day at work and a phone call from Military Friend asking if I wanted to go to Hawaii....within 24 hours the flights were booked!

Military Friend, her parents and I spent 10 days in paradise.....Maui, Hawaii

I've never really been to the beach, like where it was warm enough to actually get in the water....well more than a toe in the water! And so, In January I went from

to this in less than 12 hours!

Everyday we did something, but made sure to leave time for coffee while watching the sunrise and tanning in the afternoon/evening hours. Our first day, we got provisions and ate breakfast out. I made sure that I sampled the local delicacy and ordered SPAM for breakfast. A bit salty, but not too bad.
Stay tuned for updates on what I think you should do when you visit Maui!

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  1. So excited to read all about this. I just love that you took such a wonderful trip!