Friday, December 28, 2012

What the world needs is a little more......


Especially in the Christmas season, I find myself wanting to leave the house less and less. People are in a hurry, they are rude, pushy and pretty much annoy me. When did I get to be so heartless? Christmas is a time when we should all be happy, helpful and hospitable.

When did we stop caring about others? How awful is it that I sometimes have to "plan" random acts of kindness, I just get wrapped up in my own life and whats going on that I forget the battles that others are fighting are probably much larger than my own.

Last week, shopping in said hurried, pushy and rude environment, I made my way to the dressing room where I saw some money on the floor. I almost left it there because it wasn't mine, but decided I should pick it up before someone who it didn't belong to did. While trying on my clothes, I contemplated on what to do with $200 in cash I had found on the fitting room floor. I knew if it were mine, I'd want it back. I knew I hoped no one would notice it was gone. I knew I had to try to find its rightful owner, but how could I trust that anyone I asked would tell the wasn't theirs either? So I left my number at the customer service desk, just in case anyone came looking for $200 cash....crazy right? Well they did and the cash made it back to its owner, who was thankful, and I wished them a Merry Christmas.

What do you want someone to do or say to you this holiday season? Say/do that for someone feels good to break the mold of the world around us! (Even when I secretly hoped no one would call and I could say Merry Christmas to self!)

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  1. Good for you, Jen! I bet those people were shocked that someone actually helped them get their money back!