Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas for "congressional pairs"

In the spirit of the giving season I thought about sending a care package to WDC, it would have to be quite large as I would need approximately 250 gift packages as there is about 252 "congressional pairs" (with a few leftovers of course). A congressional pair....what is this crazy talking about. A "congressional pair" is 1 democrat and 1 republican. BUT in the spirit of doing my part I have decided I'd better save some money and have decided that I'll send a gift to the leading "Congressional Pair", President Obama and Speaker Boehner.

What could a thirty something from the southwest corner of Wyoming possibly have to give to 2 of the most powerful men in the country that they actually need????

 Now, speaking from experience I'm convinced that this shirt holds the secret to our great Nation rising once again. My mother (bless her heart) was tired of Sister and I fighting, on the verge of losing it she screamed " Get out of the car! You girls are going to walk home.......HOLDING HANDS!" We meekly climbed out of the car, both thinking oh this isn't so bad, as soon as she is over the hill we will drop hands....I mean ya its 2 miles but that isn't that bad. Much to our disappointment and surprise.......she drove behind us the whole 2 miles to make sure we held hands the ENTIRE way......WORST.PUNISHMENT.EVER!

And so I have my Christmas gift for Mr. Obama and Mr. Boehner all wrapped up and ready to go. If this doesn't work I'll be voting for this man in the next election.

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