Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas for Mike

Mike is my dad. Mike is a semi-pro hoarder. Mike is extremely hard to shop for. So this year we decided to do an HGTV makeover....complete with homework. I was home a couple weekends ago to start re-painting Mike's bedroom, his task was to clean up all the junk he'd managed to "store" in his room. I finished paining 2 walls and touching up some trim and gave him the homework to finish "decluttering" and to throw his read mail away......He actually did it. Amazing! So Little Sister, Little Sister's boyfriend, Sister and I went HGTV on his room and here is the result. PS. Mike is Kansas State Alumni.

And if you are ever in the neighborhood of the 80828 and want have a good time on Christmas, swing by Mikes. We have Home Alone, the original on VHS showing on the big screen to celebrate the holidays.
"Hey guys! I'm eating junk and watching rubbish, you better come out and stop me!"
~Kevin McAlester

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