Tuesday, September 6, 2016

mtb: fruita, co

In my quest to expand my mountain biking destinations, I called up an old high school friend who lives in Fruita to see if he might be around and interested in biking over Memorial Day weekend. Lucky for me, not only was he interested, but his wife and their neighbors/friends were too. A couple days on the trails turned into a small camping trip and a whole lotta fun!

We started the weekend out by visiting my friend at his place of employment....which just happens to be Peach Street Distillery in Palisade. My friend...well...he's a distiller. Now that is a cool job and he gave us a behind the scenes tour.
Rode them all, but Joe's Ridge to Kessel Run was my favorite

The next day we headed out to 18 Road for some camping and biking. I'm here to tell you this is how to bike. We would bike for an hour or so, come back to the camper and refresh with shade, snacks and beer....gatorade....beer. Then out we'd go for another ride.

Jen, Tyler & Will on Joe's Ridge
 The next day we hit a few more trails at 18 Road with a shuttle up (Thanks Melody!) before heading back into town. We then ventured out to Kokopelli Trails for a ride on Horse-thief. Which was beautiful and slightly above my skill level, but the boys were kind enough to wait for me and we all finished without death.
Jen & Tyler overlooking the Colorado River on Horse-thief
The best part of the trip was brunch the next day at a little cafe down the street from my friend's house. They had the best breakfast burrito I've ever tasted, I think the fact that it was smothered in both green chile AND sausage gravy sealed the deal.

I had a blast with old friends and gained some really great new ones. There is talk of making it an annual trip. Yes please!

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  1. Um.....breakfast burrito smothered in green chile and gravy? Where has this been all my life?!?