Monday, April 4, 2016

in 2016 i will: first quarter update

I'm glad you are here checking in on me! Making sure I'm holding up my end of the bargain here on this goal list of 2016. I'm so glad that I took this generic list and made it mine. I'm excited about what I've done and so looking forward to the creativity and freedom to make these goals all mine and making 2016 a year for the books!


1. GET A HOBBY - Let's be honest, I can't really afford many more hobbies. The upside of having alot of hobbies, there is always room to devote more time and attention to said hobbies (especially since I have several "new" hobbies, less than 3 years old. In 2016 I will:
  • take 3 mountain bike trips
  • take 2 golf trips
2. DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU - I'm a hermit and I don't like change, yet I love to travel. Leaving the US of A and my understanding of the English language isn't an easy thing for me to do. In 2016 I will:
  • hike the ancient Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru
  • stand in both the southern and northern hemispheres at the same time in Equador
3. NURTURE YOUR BODY - This is something that has become so very important to me over the last 2 years. Our bodies are temples and allow us to explore all that God has made for us. In 2016 I will:
  • get 12 massages to maintain physical and mental health
    • 4/12 - ahead of schedule....well that sure doesn't happen very often for me!
  • complete the Hammer & Chisel program
    •  I'm a month into this program and I love it so far. Its challenging and rewarding. Its taking me about twice as long as its supposed to because I don't devote 6 days a week to the program because I spin 2x a week and usually ski 2x a week plus I need a rest day every now and again.
  • get to my new goal weight 
    • I did it! I weigh the same as when I graduated high school and then I decided it needed to be a nice round 50 that too, now looking forward to having to get that new drivers license.
4. STEAL MOMENTS OF SOLITUDE - I live alone, so a better goal is probably for me to leave my solitude and get out there, but I didn't make the list so I'll stick to it! What was that about comfort zones? In 2016 I will:
  • take time for myself and complete 4 books with my girlfriends in the Bucketlist Book Club
    • For the Love Jen Hatmaker
5. PLAN A GETAWAY - Please refer to 1 and 2....I've got this one in the bag, but just in case you don't think I can honestly cross a goal off of a list with another goal from the same list....In 2016 I will:
  • plan at least one weekend getaway....key word being plan, I tend to go and plan along the way.
    •  Assistant Pack Leader and I have a weekend of skiing planned for Loveland coming right up. Pray for a spring powder day!
6. CREATE SOMETHING - I've got thousands of Pinterest pins awaiting me to create. In 2016 I will: 
  • complete at least 2 Pinterest pins
    • Windmill on the wall
7. FIND A SONG + MAKE IT YOUR SONG - I've had the same favorite song for a long time now. Its going to be a change, but in 2016 I will:
  • find a new "Jen" song
8. SAVE MONEY - ah, the ever elusive save money goal. I have this goal every year, sometimes I nail it, sometimes I don't. In an effort to hold myself more accountable I'm going to make mini goals in order to meet the overall goal. In 2016 I will:
  • meet a quarterly savings goal for 4 quarters
    • An extra paycheck and a tax return are tucked away, under lock and key.
9. SPREAD YOURSELF THICK - to me this means to slow down, to do what makes me happy and make an effort to say NO so that I can enjoy the things I do put on my plate. Picking one thing to concentrate on this year for this goal is tough, but to be thick I'd better have some focus. In 2016 I will:
  • focus on being a strong supervisor and providing the training and guidance to developing new employees while maintaining to improving the service that we provide to participating customers.
10. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE - I'm the strangest person I know. I feel like outgoing hermit accurately describes me. Make sense? Yeah, don't worry it confuses me too. I'd prefer to stay home as to going out. I prefer a small group to a "club". Speaking of which I saw a new bar sign in Rock Springs that said "Night Club" um.....yeah, no. Not in Rock such thing. In 2016 I will:
  • join Sweetwater Mountain Biking Association
    • I went to my first meeting in January and now I'm getting involved....eeeekkkkk. I've also gotten involved with the Annual Trails Day and Trek bike raffle.
  • join Co-ed volleyball team
    • I played co-ed volleyball this season. While we weren't that good, we got better and we did have fun!
11. MAKE DATES WITH OTHER PEOPLE - This will likely be in the form of some type of trip. In 2016 I will
  • make a conscious effort to schedule dates with other people at least once a month
    • January: Ski Weekend at Grand Targhee with Cooper
    • February: Ski Weekend at Steamboat with Sisters & Friends
    • March: Lucky 7 bull sale with Jeremiah Johnson
    • March 2: Zac Brown Band concert in Jackson with my Star Valley friends 
12. DATE YOURSELF - If I can't date me, then why would anyone else? Solitary time is good for the soul. In 2016 I will:
  • take some me time and take myself somewhere at least once a month. Don't worry, I won't tell you what I talk about with myself.
    • January: Mummies of the World
    • February: Frostbite 5K & How to Be Single movie
    • March: Instead of a "date" this time, I Tylie bought me a Ewe-nique Wool Wreath that I've been wanting for a couple of years   
13. IMPROVE THE LIFE OF OTHERS - I like doing things for others. I like making/doing/gifting things that I know people will love. I like making others lives just a bit easier. And this year I am super excited about what I'm going to do to fullfill this goal. Stay tuned for more info! In 2016 I will: 
  • donate to a special cause and special people to help fullfill their dream 
    • Running Dogs Brewery
  • adopt a kid from the Tree of Sharing
  • adopt a senior from the Tree of Sharing
14. BE GRATEFUL - I have so much to be grateful for yet I still find myself thinking about all the things I don't have frequently. In 2016 I will:
  • write a blog each month about something in my life that I am grateful for.
    • January: (posted in February) health
    • February: employment
    • March: friends 
15. CHOOSE A CHARITY - My go to charity is the Salvation Army. Each year I choose to donate to the Western State College Foundation, Dr. Clem Ward Scholarship Fund (Oklahoma State University), the Dave Grimes Memorial Fund and the Salvation Army. This year I'm going to do something a little different under this goal. Stay tuned for more information about that! In 2016 I will:
  • donate to Salvation Army, Western State College Foundation, Dr. Ward's scholarship and Dave Grimes Memorial Fund.
16. STOP FEELING GUILTY - All things considered, I'm a pretty good person. I try to do things for others, I try to please others and its usually at my own expense. In 2016 I will:
  • do what's best for me
  • say NO when I need to or when I do not want to do something 

As always, I reserve the right to add, delete, change any or all of these goals as I deem necessary.

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