Thursday, March 31, 2016

windmill on the wall

We've all seen the iconic windmills of the eastern plains providing water for livestock and families alike. I grew up in a house which water was provided by a windmill. Luckily the wind blew enough that we were not frequently without water, but it did happen. Not a good way to start off the day....needing a shower and no water because the wind hadn't blown enough. Boo.

Last summer Assistant Pack Leader and I went to a farm sale (and we didn't tell Mike). We were the proud owners of a 6 foot windmill and a 8 foot windmill.....driving a Ford Danger. Let me tell you, that just doesn't work. So with little regard to our pride, we called Mike to come rescue us...with a 1 ton flatbed pickup.

This is what we envisioned
in search of windmill, for living room, above TV wall if not too high, if that doesn't work, then in office: And thanks to John and Mom visiting and being agreeable to home improvement projects, I ended up with this

Nailed it!

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