Wednesday, January 27, 2016

what i'm loving wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm not even positive that this link up is still active, but alas....I'm doing it anyway! What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Wintertime activities. Its cold, its dark. Its important to find something to stay active in the winter and I learned to ski last year, so this year I'm honing my skills on my sticks and I'm keeping my snowboard waxed for the big dump that has yet to come.

Butternut squash. Random you say? I concur. I went to the grocery store tonight, on a mission for avocados, which were way over ripe and $1.50 each.....the perfect replacement? A butternut squash. I put a tiny bit of butter with canola oil and Splenda brown sugar blend....even the dog was beggin' for some veggies!


Pull-up assist. I know, I know the word assist is in there. I can do a total of 1 pull-up.....on a good day. BUT, with the assist I can do nearly all of them and I feel like a badass. Plus I feel like if I do more than one assisted I'm getting stronger faster than doing 1 real pull-up.

Shades of Blue. I miss SOA and The Following more than one should miss TV shows, but I think I've found an acceptable replacement. Jennifer Lopez, dirty cops, FBI informants. I'll watch.

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