Wednesday, December 16, 2015

and the winner is......

As 2016 comes closer and closer, I am reminded that I've got to get all my posts done that have happened throughout the year that I never actually gotten posted....because I'm a slacker.

 If you remember back when we decided that our evenings at training shouldn't just be sitting around talking about work and knocking a few back with our coworkers and we decided to spice it up a little hosting Minute 2 Win It! Well it was a hit! And we hosted a second Minute 2 Win It (which I realized I never blogged about....I'll get on that).

Minute 2 Win It games are fairly simple, but we've found out they do take a surprising  bit of planning. Especially when you have somewhere between 20 and 30 people to play. Since this training happened to fall the week before Halloween and I was unmotivated to organize another game night, one of the girls suggested a corn maze and Halloween costume contest. While the corn maze didn't work out, the costume contest did. We had a blast!

The Old Man

The Pink Ladies & "The Judges"

The Spice Girls

The Attribute Table

Lots of costumes!

Runaway Bride

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