Thursday, December 10, 2015

its the most wonderful time of the year

The angel tree is absolutely my favorite thing about Christmas. I love imagining the faces of little kids opening presents on Christmas morning when they may not have had a single present if not for the thousands that play "angel" at Christmas. I love imagining the relief and smiles on the faces of their parents, who probably worried and lost sleep over not being able to afford presents for their children. While I love the angel tree, I have repeatedly been disappointed by the number of requests for xbox, iphone and the like. Pretty much if you ask for one of those things, you will still be hanging on the tree when I walk away.

After spending some time at the nursing home with one of our ranchers and with Bonnie's mom, I've added senior citizens to the angel tree as well. Those living in nursing homes are often forgotten or no longer have family nearby. I can't imagine how difficult the holidays must be when they are so lonely.

While the season has become more and more about buying and wanting that I'd like to admit....I mean Christmas stuff started showing up in stores before Halloween! They literally had to pack away summer stuff to make room for Christmas! The simple requests of the angel tree this year tugged at my heart strings. I was nearly in tears by the time I walked away from each tree.

Senior #1: hand/body lotion and slip resistant socks
Pembrook Non Skid Socks - Hospital Socks - Slipper Socks - (4-Pack) 2 Purple / 2 Pink. Great for adults, men, women. Designed for medical hospital patients but great for everyone
Senior #2: blue sweatsuit
Kid #1: gift card for food, shoes, hygiene items and anything Dallas Cowboys 
PUMA Men's Tazon 5 Wide Training Shoe,White/Black/High Risk Red,10.5 W US 

 Dove Men + Care Gift Box, Clean Comfort

Overall, I spent less than $100 to give these three individuals a merrier Christmas than they probably expected. While I didn't spend a ton of money, I do believe its the thought that counts. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and and friends in high places!

Giving to the Angel Tree project truly is one of my favorite things each year. I often find that I enjoy shopping for these simple gifts more than anything else. Sorry family and friends, but I'm not really sorry that people I don't even know are my favorite to shop for.  

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. This is awesome, Jen! The angel tree is my favorite as well and I often do the nursing home!! This year we did an adopt a family that was homeless (lost their house and their dad in a fire a month ago) and I cried shopping for their gifts! Good for you!!