Monday, April 14, 2014

GO-al time: 1st quarter

A day late and a dollar short......this seems to be me lately. I used to never hardly ever be late. Now its a miracle if I even show up it seems. So while this post is slightly after the end of the first quarter of 2014......its here, so I'm counting it as "on time".

1. Meet a yearly savings goal
Thanks to selling my house and managing not to spend it all, I've hit this goal. Since I'm not sure that this really counts, I'll keep working on the savings part. But since I like to mark things off a list even more, I'm counting it as complete.

2. Have a spa day/weekend at a legit spa (with a robe)

3. Palisade, CO vineyards pedal bike tour

4. Get to/maintain goal weight

5. "Pay for" season snowboarding pass
Thanks to a day at Winter Park with a window price of $119 bucks for an adult lift ticket, this one seems so easy now. And I've still got one day of spring boarding planned next weekend!

6. Finish the Dirty 30 list
6A. Hike a 14'er
6B. Lose 30 lbs (7/30) (5/30) (14/30) (22/30) (32/30)
Slow and steady wins the race. While when I initially started this weight loss journey, I thought that 30 lbs would put me at my goal weight. As I approached 30 lbs, I realized that I'd really like to lose at least 10 more. I am trying some new programs, joined a challenge group that is full of motivating ladies and as always trying to straighten out my diet.Maintaining weight loss at my goal weight is going to be an interesting challenge for me.
6C. Finish TurboFire Chalean Extreme
I finished Chalean ExtremeII  and although I'm not going to win any of her contests for the Transformation Tuesday. I'm happy with my results. I'm happy with the direction it got me headed and I'm excited to continue doing awesome and fun things now that my body can better keep up with my sense of adventure.
6D. Brice Canyon
6E. Zion National Park
6F. Territorial Prison Museum
6G. Finish my will
6H. Have outdoor Christmas lights
6I. Go night snowboarding
Ultimate fail, a second snowboarding season has passed and I didn't get this done. Maybe night snowboarding just isn't for me.
6J. Glow-in-the-dark golf tournament
6K. Take a Spanish class
7. 12 months, 12 massages
I might have to make these up later in the year......I'm a bit behind. No more "once a month" goals for this girl!
8. Only go to Wal-Mart once a month
I really have no idea how many times I've been to Wal-Mart since the beginning of the year. What I do know is that is isn't very many because I went today and thought I was going to die it was so annoying!
9. Instagram Photo Challange (copying Football Fan once again)
Let's just say never, ever am I ever going to make a goal that requires me to do something each month because, well lets just be honest. I'm not good at those goals...too much commitment? maybe? yes, it just doesn't work for me. I'm not positive these can be salvaged, if I can even attempt to make them look like they are accomplished. You win some, you lose some. and this one is definitely a LOSE!

10. Sell my house
I sold it and I accidentally bought a new one. What an experience and I'm glad to be in a smaller house that I really think will fit my style a bit better. One more yard project then no Tim the ToolMan for a while!


  1. 1. Love the Home Improvement reference. Great show that was!

    2. I am so beyond impressed with your weight loss goal. Seriously, you are amazing!

    3. I've managed to stay up with the photo thing, but a lot of these pictures are total crap because I forget until late or just have nothing to actually use. Sigh.

  2. Way to go on the weight loss! I was the same way...I hit my goal weight, then just kept going!! I lost 50 lbs, and now want to lose 30 more...and have lost 10 of that 20...almost there! And I think my favorite goal up there is the 12 massages in 12 that's a goal I'd like to have!