Thursday, November 3, 2016

the 'shrooms that will rock your world


Back in the day, you know circa 2000, I had blonde hair. Straight, blonde hair. I fought mother nature. Since then, I've grown up and I appreciate my parents and mother nature more than I did in high school. Now I have brown hair.
Curly, brown hair.
That I don't comb very often.
And sometimes I don't wash it either.
It curls better...honest!........

are you convinced yet that I know what I'm doing when it comes to hair?....yeah. me neither.

But when you don't comb your hair that frequently, its gets tangly and you shed a lot because your comb isn't pulling out all that hippie free hair. You shed everywhere, almost as much as a blue heeler named Tylie.

Exhibit A:
Me: I shed a lot!
Florida Boy: I'm aware, every time you come over I have to sweep my house.
Me: um....sorry?

Anyway....for those of you who choose not to fight mother nature and wear your hair curly and not comb it.....get a tub-shroom! You will never have to snake your bathtub again! and its awesome! and they come in OSU orange.

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  1. Let's focus on what's important here...a man who runs a broom. Excellent!