Thursday, November 17, 2016

death in the family

My little family consists of myself, Tylie, my mountain bike (and coming soon skis) and a few other inanimate objects. I'm pleased to report that anything that was still breathing. In animate objects have not been so lucky around these parts. First, was the hot water heater. I was without a hot water heater for about a week. To be clear, I left the state for some of those days, so I didn't go to work and public for 7 days without showering. Second, was my laptop. As in black screen of death and its still sitting on my coffee table, waiting patiently to go to the computer doctor....where hopefully they can bring it back to life. Because I'm cheap and I don't want to buy a new tablet with a keyboard, that I will of course be forced to buy over a simple laptop. Anyway, the real reason I've shared all this with you. Blogging will be discontinued until the resurrection of the laptop or the birth of said new tablet with keyboard. Hang in there!

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