Monday, August 29, 2016

kilometers & kids

Rock Springs and Green River have a summer run series each year, every Monday evening. And since Colorado Transplant Friend is in charge of half of those races, I go.....and for Popsicles. ok, ok I go for Popsicles. They usually have a 5K route and a mini mile route. Of course, each run has a theme because themes are just more fun than running with no theme.

This year's series was:

  • Storybook Run (no pictures taken)
  • Zombie Run (didn't attend)
  • Mustache Dash (didn't attend)
  • Color Run
  • Twinkie Trot
  • Slip N' Slide Run (no pictures taken)
  • Watermelon Walk
  • Poker Run (didn't attend)
  • Glow Run (didn't attend)
I didn't get to attend as many this year as I have in the past because this is what my summer life looks like
every month ends up looking like this

Little Boys showing off their muscles after the Color Run
Watermelon Walk 5K
Little Boy and I after the Twinkie Trot Mini Mile. He ran the whole thing in 12:50.


  1. First off you look great. Second he runs as fast as me! Third what a fun racing series!

    1. I know! When we finished his dad asked me what our time was, I told him 12:50 and he started laughing. I had to say, yes I know I don't run much faster than that when I'm by myself!