Friday, August 5, 2016

currently.....stealing post ideas

Copycat is the highest form of flattery right? probably not, but let's pretend it is. My Idaho friend (I call her a friend because then it seems less creepy when I type the word stalk) that I stalk read her blog over at September Farm recently wrote a One of those posts about everything + nothing...Currently so I figured I'd better do the same. I'm a random person, so a random post would be good. For the record, I've never actually met Karli, so I might really be stalking her blog. No shame.

so currently....................................................

browsing pinterest for anything and everything to transform my 1972 Airstream Overlander into the perfect mix of rustic, tiny house glamper. I think I've finally settled on an overall design and just finding the perfect finishing touches. Just envision barnwood, the colors of peacocks, stock tanks, custom upholstery, corregated metal, chalk paint, sheep skin rugs and chandeliers. Lest we not forget revamping original gas lights.

wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Its hot and I chose today to be super lazy and say NO to things I didn't want to do. Did I have a really good reason, no not really. I'm just tired and want some down time.

watching Pitch Perfect 2. Each summer I turn off my Dish to save money. I don't usually have time to watch it anyway, so why pay for it. Dish Pause is the best thing since sliced bread. But....then there are those 1-2 lazy days where you wish you had something to watch.

wishing I hadn't eaten pizza and lemon bars and called it dinner. Not only did I choose not to exercise today, I also chose to eat crap food. You win some, you lose some.

disturbed about Hillary. I'm struggling that as a woman I'm supposed to be so happy that she made history by becoming the first woman Presidential nominee. I guess when I think about women I look up to, she is about as far down the list as I can imagine. Making history isn't always a good thing...just sayin.

sipping on wine. Its a wine week. period.

wondering if I'm going to die on my bike ride on know the whole conscious decision to not work out today.......

looking forward to seeing where life takes me over the next few months

working on Wilson the Airstream. July was a slow work month, but my project manager and I are gearing up for some work days. Hopefully we can get pesky things like plumbing, electrical and weather sealing out of the way and get on to building and decorating!

nervous about getting through the next few months at work. We are unusually slow and that gives me anxiety.

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