Thursday, March 12, 2015

I believe

I believe in God and I know I should go to church, but I don't. I don't like going by myself and I usually have activities on Sundays....lame excuse I know,but its what I've got for you right now.

My usual Sunday activities include something like
  • fishing on the lake, basking in the Sunday being surrounded by God and all that he created. Its peaceful, its fullfilling and its humbling. I can't help but stick up for myself and my decisions to not attend organized church services when I'm at the lake on a peaceful Sunday morning.
  • pedaling my heart out on my little bike......outside in the fresh air and sunshine....seeing the sights that can't be seen from the highway. I can't help but look off the top of the mountain and be thankful for the health that God has given me, the ability to be active and be able to enjoy the beautiful world that he has created.
  • hanging on for dear life on the ski lift.....fresh air and sunshine, its rejuvenating to be greeted by the brisk air while everything around me is clothed in angel like blanket of snow. How can one deny that God is there?
So what else makes me feel God's presence?
  • Power Thoughts devo by Joyce Meyer, a friendly bump each morning to remind me that I am exactly as God made me, I am who he wants me to be. I am strong, I am powerful, the world is waiting for me.
  • Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church's Facebook page, my friend The Pastor aka one of the NRS Boys, is the pastor of this church and I recently got a request to 'like' the church's page. The Pastor does mid-week messages and somehow I always feel like he is talking directly to me. The page also has some great pictures with scripture that I just love....I look for it on Facebook lately. I think their Facebook page may have just become my church.
Should I still go to organized church services? probably so, but this is what is working for me now and I'm always open to suggestions for some devos that I can do from home. So if you have anything for me, let me know!

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  1. This is great, Jen! Do you have the ap on your phone? They have a ton of devotionals, new ones all the time, some last 3 days, some last 2 years and everything in between. I love it! Also, I went to Sunnybrook Christian Church in Stillwater and they have the best pastor---he posts his sermons online and you can listen, I do that a lot!