Wednesday, November 19, 2014

angel trees sometimes sparkle before Christmas

Last Saturday we went to Wingers for some dinner and a cocktail or two. I was insistant on not sitting at the bar "because we were eating dinner too"...which I was overruled and we moved to the bar. Our bartender was a neat young lady with a terrible limp. Come to find out she had fallen on the ice, but was unable to catch herself because she had been carrying her baby. The baby was fine, but her knee was a different story. We had a great dinner and friendly service.

The next day I cleaned out my closet and listed some clothes for sale on Facebook and got a buyer right away, when she came to my house to pick up the clothes I recognized her face, but couldn't put it with a time and place. We chatted briefly and I learned that she had recently lost quite a bit of weight, but was still trying to lose more so she didn't like to buy new clothes for herself until she got to her goal....completely understand that one! I also learned that she was a single mom so most of her extra shifts went to kiddo clothes, shoes etc.

Moving right along to the next day, I was browsing through the Facebook "For Sale" group and saw a post from her searching for shoes for her little girls because they had both managed to wear through theirs in the SAME week. I immediately knew that I wanted to buy shoes for them.

I love the Angel Tree at Christmas time and I knew that this was my Angel Tree opportunity that came a month or so early. I had fun shopping for some new shoes for the girls and came home with some fancy athletic shoes in size 2 and 3. Of course I couldn't stop there, I took one last look at my closet and pulled out a green sweater that I hadn't worn in quite a while, she mentioned that she loved green! That paired with a Thanksgiving card and a little cash, I hope that this Thanksgiving is warm, loving and memorable for that family just struggling to make all the ends meet.

Remember to take a deep breath this holiday season, look around you...Is there something you can do to make sure someone around you, someone in your community, or someone you may never know has a better holiday season than they are expecting. Find joy in giving to others. And one final thought "we rise by lifting others".

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  1. I love this, Jen! We should be looking for those "angel tree" opportunities all year round. I am sure you made a huge difference for this woman and her kids! Good work!