Tuesday, November 25, 2014

always go to the meeting

because if you don't, you will get volunteered to host the next area rally. And no one will want to come to your town because you live in Rock Springs. And everyone wants to go to Jackson and you adamantly are opposed to hosting a multi-state meeting in Jackson because there is so much more to Wyoming than Jackson, damnit!

So the biggest thing I've ever organized (and I'm not really that organized) in my life was a bridal shower, 4 hours tops....so tell me how did I get roped into hosting a 3 day event with food and meeting rooms and hotel contracts and group rate entertainment and transportation and sponsorships and meetings and the possibility of 70ish people.......crap.

I used to be a big planner, but I'd get so upset when my plans didn't go according to plan so I tried to change and guess what!? I LIKED IT! Now I get the plane ticket and I get to the airport on time, but that is pretty much the extent of my planning. Sure, I surf the web to see what I might want to do, but I'd just rather get there and do whatever I feel like these days. So much less stressful.

BUT, I'm guessing that when being a host to 70ish people who have flown, drove or maybe took a train to get to Cody, Wyoming......well I suppose they probably wouldn't be too impressed with my "do whatever I want" planning.

So I've begged, borrowed and threatened people (just kidding....mostly) some chairpersons and have given them a piece to be in charge of. Even my sisters have been volunteered to help me! I figure if everyone can keep a little piece organized, then the whole thing will appear organized.....do you think I'm on the right train of thought here? 

So what can my co-workers look forward to? A tour of the Y-Tex facility, Prime Rib buffets at Buffalo Bill's Irma hotel, chuckwagon dinners at the Cody Cattle Company, cowboys and cowgirls at Cody's Nite Rodeo, an afternoon at the Buffalo Bill Museum (which is actually 5 museums), hospitality rooms, meetings........and sheriff badges for name tags. and I rest my case, its going to be the best convention ever!

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  1. Your plans sound awesome! Man, I wish I could come!