closet clean-out [2019]

I've wanted to get back to blogging, but every time I open it up, all I see is a giant list of posts that I haven't completed or published. So in effort to get back to writing without overwheming myself, you're getting the closet clean-out of 2019. All the awesome things that I was able to do, but never got around to writing about, but are still awesome and deserve a shout out on Almost Gypsy Soul.

Longtime friends invited me on their family graduation trip to Waikiki, Hawaii in January. Rankin was graduating from college in May and had signed to join the Marines. Ever since he was a little boy, he had wanted to visit Pearl Harbor and so we did. The trip was a wonderful time to catch up with 4 people that I love dearly and to see a part of Hawaii I'd never been to. Highlights of the trip for me were the Polynesian Cultural Center, Dole Plantation, Pearl Harbor and of course the beach and seafood.

I know I said I'd dedicate an entire post to my Texas trip, but lets just say guns sums it up the best. We went whitetail hunting where I got my first ever whitetail, he was no monster, but the trip sure was fun in some very different country. We also got to take a self defense handgun course, set up a trap line and hunt wild hogs from a helicopter. The entire trip was more than I ever dreamed of and I am grateful for the opportunity to travel with Mitch's work family.

Frostbite 5K
Green River Parks and Rec does a great job of keeping the community involved in cheap or free events. The Frostbite 5K takes place in February and very rarely is much above 0 degrees. This year I talked Mitch into doing it since we were in town for once. I told him we got medals and hot chocolate for running, come to find out only winners got we did that, each winning our age divisions.

We rented snowmmobiles for a day and rode up Little Grey's River, while I was fairly certain I'd get stuck and not be able to get out or get run over by an avalanche, neither of those happened. We rode all day, stopping for a lunch of hotdogs over a fire. It was a blast!

We snowshoed into Little Bear Claw yurt in the Uintas for the weekend with our friends from Rock Springs. We travelled heavy, pulling a sled 2 miles into the yurt....but we didn't go hungry or get thirsty. We played cards, read books, snowshoed and cooked delicious meals. It was a lot of fun to unplug and relax for the weekend.

Mitchel's younger sister came to stay with us for about 10 days, so of course we took part in every activity we could think of. We hit the slopes a few days, teaching Q how to ski. She will be starting ski lessons this winter so we think she liked it pretty well! We did art projects, had sleepovers and explored the desert. We hope she'll come see us again!

We took a little trip up to Montana over the 4th of July to celebrate Mitch's brother and sister-in-law baby on the way with a gender reveal party. We also made a day trip into Yellowstone, which I hadn't been in several years. It was the most fruitful of my trips, besides for the normal elk and bison, we saw 2 bears and 3 mountain goats. A baby mountain goat which was my favorite!

We also snuck in a trip to Lewis & Clark Cavarns and stayed in a restored, vintage sheep camp!


Jurassic Classic and WYDAHO Bike Festival
I always go to these 2 mountain bike festivals. Good trails, good friends, good giveaways and good beer keep me coming back for more. Luckily, Mitch was able to join me with my biking friends this year. He never thought he'd be going to a bike festival and staying in an Airstream, not everyone is that lucky you know.


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